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We use the blockchain technology to connect creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional investors.

What Makes Lendera Special

Lendera is the first business loan platform that operates worldwide. Speed, human interaction and simplicity make us special.

Instant Funding

Get the desired amount instantly.

Instant Funding

Lendera offers probably the fastest business loans in the world. Borrowers can get instant financing through our platform.

Fast Approval

Automatic credit rating 7 days a week.

Fast Approval

Lendera uses an innovative loan scoring model. This allows us to approve borrowers 24/7.

Customer Value

Supports business owners from around the world.

Customer Value

We are happy to help businessmen from all industries. Besides, we make our clients successful and help them to achieve extraordinary results.

Available Globally

Sponsor your business from anywhere in the world.

Available Globally

Lendera is a global leader in providing business with loans. We financed borrowers from more than 80 countries. Join our community today.

About Us

A simple way to financial independence with Lendera. High passive income in the shortest possible time.

Lendera is an international financial organization that basically specializes in providing loans to small and medium-sized businesses. Rapidly developing and following the most urgent trends, we have managed to considerably extend the range of our activities. Today, the Lendera company provides investors from all over the world with the opportunity to invest in crypto assets. For this, we have created a modern online platform where everyone can place a deposit in just a few clicks. Thus, our investors not only retain their cryptocurrency capital, but also increase it. When processing loan requests, our experts carefully check the client’s business and select the best projects with the minimum payback periods. We provide funds to only the most promising companies, which enables us to neutralize all risks. In addition, our investor’s deposits are reliably protected by the Lendera internal insurance fund, and therefore payments are made accurately on the set date. Developing the area of investments, we have managed to considerably increase the turnover and provide the maximum number of clients with loan services, as well as to provide our investors with high passive income. All activities of Lendera are carried out in strict accordance with the international legislation. Our own unique development strategy allows the company to sustainably be one of the leaders in the loan market.

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Getting financing on Lendera couldn't be easier. Follow these 4 easy steps to get funded in no time.

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